Track 2: Accelerating MSME access to financial services through new technologies and skills development program


Introduction Track 2: Accelerating MSME access to financial services through new technologies and skills development program

Speakers: IFC & EBRD

Enhancing the bankability of those on the fringes: Powering last-mile business loans in Nepal

Speakers: Tiffany Tong (Aeloi Technologies)

Moderator: Meetu Singh, Digital Financial Services Regional Practice Group lead, FIG Advisory Services, IFC

Aeloi Technologies’ loan insight software uses digital tokens to trace financing invested into microentrepreneurs and value chains. The platform leverages technology to connect microentrepreneurs, financial institutions, and vendors—thereby increasing digital financial footprints and credibility of MSMEs in Nepal. Through this digital tool, MFIs are able to track loans easily, lower operations costs—which in turn reduces their reluctance to bank with MSMEs.

Practical Tools: Discovery, Diligence and Coinvestment Online with SaaS Technology

Speakers: Audrey Selian (Artha Networks Inc – Rianta Capital Zurich)

Moderator: Christian Cronauer, Principal, SME Finance and Development, UK

The case for coupling non-financial services to Banking and Equity transactions

Speakers: Hossam Taher (CEO @ Orcas, Egypt), Mohammed Abdulazi (CEO and Co-Founder @ Brimore Egypt), Francesco Cracolici (Managing Director @ NomadicMinds), Mamdouh Afia ( Head of SME Finance Group, National Bank of Egypt).

Moderator: Alexander Paine (EBRD)

Objectives: Offer up compelling stories about how access to finance coupled with access to the right knowledge is a very powerful combination. 


a. “non-financial services aren’t just a good deal for SMEs. They are also good for financial institutions that offer them.” IFC FMO report 20201 

b. The panel will investigate live cases of institutions and early stage firms that are actively working to blend finance with advisory, within the context of one country, Egypt. 

c. The key issue is that the case for Banks to develop their own non-financial services is becoming quite clear, how to do it is still an open question 

d. The new question is whether equity instruments need the same aside from the value creation offered by conventional VC and PE firms. 

e. During the session we will reveal some very revealing data about the growth story behind blending finance and advisory in the start-up space in Egypt……this appetiser will help to lubricate the discussion around the mobilisation of Non-Financial services


Leveraging Digital Technology to Accelerate Micro-Entrepreneurs’ Access to Finance and Training across Kenya

Speakers: Cyprian Munyakho (Program Manager at TechnoServe) 

Moderator: Khadiga Hassan Fahmy (Senior Operations Officer, IFC)

The pandemic and related public-health measures have significantly impacted the Kenyan economy, particularly informal micro-enterprises. Micro-Enterprises Strengthened for Pandemic Adaptation and Resilience in Kenya (mSPARK), a partnership between TechnoServe and MasterCard Foundation, supports entrepreneurs in Kenya as they navigate the COVID-19 crisis and ultimately move towards economic recovery. mSPARK, provides financial support and technical advice through digitally enabled training and engages suppliers and distributors of essential goods to strengthen their connections with micro-retailers and minimize disruptions to the supply chain.

E-Commerce for Inclusion and Resilience

Speakers: Samer Haffar (SPARK) 

Moderator: Serpil Cetincift, Regional Principal Manager, EBRD SME Finance and Development, Turkey

Non-Financial Services for MSMEs: Unlocking the Growth Potential of an Untapped Market

Speakers: Joanna Romero (Project Lead, Global NFS Champion, IFC) 

Moderator: Graeme Harris (Senior Operations Officer, IFC)

NFS enable MSMEs to access finance, bridging the financial gap—estimated at USD 5 trillion. Data indicates that NFS bring return on investment (ROI), such as an increase in loan volumes, share of wallet and loyalty, and a reduction in nonperforming loans— which could yield up to six times the ROI within one to two years. The session will cover: 

• What are the challenges facing the SME banking sector and what is the opportunity for banks? 

• Business case for offering non-financial services for SMEs: Results of the global study conducted by IFC 

• What are the best practices for developing financial and non-financial offerings for SMEs? 

• Case study from Asia: City Alo – An Exclusive Banking on Women Proposition for City Bank Bangladesh