Track 1

Achieving dynamic and resilient entrepreneurial ecosystems

Dynamic entrepreneurial ecosystems generate growing companies, large numbers of jobs and can transform communities, counties and countries.

But how can entrepreneurship practitioners support the development of diverse, dynamic and resilient ecosystems?

This track aims to showcase different ways productive entrepreneurial communities have grown; show participants that ecosystems are everywhere, even if they are at an early stage; and spark ideas and connections for participants to nurture ecosystems that enable entrepreneurs to succeed.

Call for Solutions

We are looking for examples to be presented that can inspire, generate discussion and provide opportunities for practitioners to learn from the success and challenges of initiatives that have succeeded or come up against significant barriers to develop entrepreneurial ecosystems.

The solutions we are looking for

Examples might draw on topics such as:

  • Diverse ways effective ecosystems have evolved such as through governmental action; joint ventures between multinational and local companies; public-private partnerships; or with the commitment and support of successful entrepreneurs.
  • Funding models that have promoted effective and resilient ecosystems such as by supporting Entrepreneur Support Organization’s (ESO) to diversify income streams to become more sustainabale, ; by mapping ecosystem gaps and finding and encouraging actors to address those gaps; or by improving ESO provision of quality services and drive successful uptake.
  • Successful collaborations between ecosystem players such as by encouraging successful entrepreneurs to mentor and invest in upcoming entrepreneurs; partnerships that amplify participants existing strengths and capabilities; upstream and downstream pipeline partnerhsips; and effective collaborations within or across sectors.
  • Characteristics of effective enterprise support to optimize resource allocation, such as targeting support; addressing enterprise needs; evaluating interventions; and testing new approaches such as digital delivery.

Whom is this for?

This track is aimed at practitioners representing

  • Public SME/Entrepreneurship agencies (e.g. MSME agencies, entrepreneurship centres).
  • Development partners (Governments, foundations, corporations).
  • Financial and non-financial service providers (banks, networks, ESOs, investors).
  • Entrepreneurship supporters, champions and catalysts.